Luxurious Stay

For unforgettable summer holidays, we have build at Tinos, an island where the traditional cycladic architecture is kept untouched,  the Vathi Bleu Villas.

Vathi is situated  at the area of « EXO MERIA », at 25 km from Chora (the port of Tinos), and at a distance of 3 km, between the villages of Pyrgos and Isternia.

Just below the Villas and after some minutes walk,  you can find the beach of Vathi which is well protected on windy days.


Vathi Bley Villas are built at 70m. over the sea  on a small peninsula,  on a land of 10 acres with a 180 degree panoramic view of the  Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands of Syros , Naxos , Paros and Dilos.